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Foreign Heads of State and Government Officials Fortune Global 500
Forbes Global 2000The World’s Most Innovative 100 Companies
Financial Times Global 500Global Top 500 High-end Manufacturing Companies
Global Top 100 Industrial Investment CompaniesGlobal Top 100 Industrial Innovation Companies
Global R&D 1000 Top 50 Construction Equipment Makers
Global Top 50 Most Effective Robot Companies

Global Top 100 Automotive Manufacturers and

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Global Top 100 Auto Parts CompaniesGlobal Top 10 Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers
Top 10 Industrial Automation CompaniesTop 50 Electronics Components Distributors 
Big Data 50MEMS 30
American Top 20 AITop 10 Semiconductor Companies 
Best 10 3D PrintersTop 50 Biological Medicine 
Global Top 100 Medical Equipment ManufacturesLargest 5000 Private Equity Firms
World-renowned High-End Manufacturing OrganizationsThe Cybersecurity 500
Renowned Economists



Global High-End Manufacturing Summit (GHMS), the top event in the global manufacturing industry, will be held annually in China. GHMS is initiated and hosted by Asia-Pacific CEO Association, Worldwide (APCEO), Investment & Innovation Global Council (IIGC) and Changsha Municipal Government.
  • President Xi Jinping of China’s Speech on ManufacturingPresident Xi Jinping of China’s Speech on Manufacturing
    Xi said, High quality development of the manufacturing sector, in particular that of equipment manufacturing, plays a major role in China’s drive toward high-quality development of economy and is indispensable for a modernized nation
  • Premier Li Keqiang’s Speech on ManufacturingPremier Li Keqiang’s Speech on Manufacturing
    "Manufacturing is the foundation of economic development," Li said. "China's economic transformation and new industrialization rely on a strong manufacturing sector."
  • Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel’s view on “Industry 4.0”Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel’s view on “Industry 4.0”
    Angela Merkel expressed that Germany is a reliable cooperation partner of China, and both countries enjoy robust relations and sound cooperation, well implement the integration between Germany’s "Industry 4.0" and “Made in China 2025”, and expand bilateral cooperation within the G20 framework.


 Industrial Internet  & Intelligent 


Artificial Intelligence


New Energy Electric Vehicles


 High-End Manufacturing

 Industry Fund

 Engineering Machinery



Biomedical and High-end Medical






  • Hon.Dominique de VillepinHon.Dominique de Villepin
    Global Chairman of APCEO
    Former French Prime Minister
  • Hon. John Winston HowardHon. John Winston Howard
    Global Co-Chairman of APCEO
    Former Prime Minister of Australia
  • Lord Howell of GuildfordLord Howell of Guildford
    Global Vice Chairman of APCEO
    Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, UK
  • Hon. Korn DabbaransiHon. Korn Dabbaransi
    Global Vice Chairman of APCEO
    Former Deputy Prime Minister,Thailand
  • General Christian QuesnotGeneral Christian Quesnot
    Global Vice Chairman of APCEO & Chairman of APCEO Europe
    Chief Staff of Presidents of France
  • Mr. Zheng XiongweiMr. Zheng Xiongwei
    Global Executive Chairman of APCEO & Chairman of APCEO Asia
    International Economist
  • Hon. Nick BolkusHon. Nick Bolkus
    Global Vice Chairman of APCEO & Chairman of APCEO Australia
    Former Minister of Australia
  • Hon. Eamon GilmoreHon. Eamon Gilmore
    Global Vice Chairman of APCEO
    Former Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland
  • Hon. Aaron Michael OquayeHon. Aaron Michael Oquaye
    Global Vice Chairman of APCEO & Chairman of APCEO Africa
    Speaker of Ghana
  • Apple and Samsung have Established a PartnershipApple and Samsung have Established a Partnership
    Apple and Samsung are typically fierce rivals, each battling for dominance in the smart phone market. But in one of the first major surprises at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the two companies have announced a partnership that will enable Apple’s app store to appear on all Samsung Smart TVs in the near future.
  • BMW, Daimler Are Said to Mull Cooperation on Key ComponentsBMW, Daimler Are Said to Mull Cooperation on Key Components
    Daimler AG and BMW AG are considering joining forces on making key automotive components, a move that would tie the traditional luxury-car rivals more closely than ever before and reflect the fundamental changes sweeping the industry.
  • Research Program Cooperation: Materials and ManufacturingResearch Program Cooperation: Materials and Manufacturing
    Competitive cost, durability and performance in advanced rail manufacturing through research, development and commercialisation in: 1.High Performance Materials for Heavy Haul 2.Advanced Manufacturing
  • Trade Desk had Established a Partnership with Baidu, Tencent and AlibabaTrade Desk had Established a Partnership with Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba
    Jeff Green, Trade Desk founder and CEO has announced that his company had established a partnership with Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba to enable its international clients to "successfully reach and engage millions of consumers in China today"
  • DMDII:Partner Innovation ProjectsDMDII:Partner Innovation Projects
    DMDII:Partner Innovation Projects (PIPs)are research, development and demonstration projects through DMDII that use private funding to execute the project. PIPs leverage UI LABS fundamental principles of collaboration and fit within DMDII scope and mission
  • EUREKA:Advanced Manufacturing ProjectsEUREKA:Advanced Manufacturing Projects
    This thematic Eureka Call for Network Projects on Advanced Manufacturing aims at developing tomorrows innovation in the field of advanced manufacturing within the following technological areas
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